Who We Are

Marlene K. Schwalje

President and CEO

Marlene has over 33 years of experience in preventing and resolving organizational conflicts through mediation and facilitation; coaching in communication, constructive conflict, supervisory skills, and leadership development; employee and labor relations. Marlene’s ability to guide parties to resolve difficult issues helps prevent litigation and restore productive relationships. She assists pro-active organizations in designing, implementing, and supporting sustainable workplace dispute resolution processes. She has developed a uniquely streamlined strategic process which becomes a primary vehicle for engagement, investment, and efficiency. Prior to Infinite Resolutions, Marlene successfully negotiated over 50 collective bargaining agreements in the public sector, resolved hundreds of workplace disputes without arbitration or litigation, and guided current and future generations of supervisors, managers, and leaders.

Marlene’s father taught her that she didn’t have the right to complain unless she was willing to take action toward a solution, and her grandmother taught her that she could catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Marlene’s work with people and their organizations is based upon three deeply-held beliefs: that respectful communication is the foundation of a well-functioning organization; the solution exists within the problem; and that those involved in a conflict have the will and the wisdom needed for resolution. Marlene’s commitment is to engage this wisdom with respect and dignity so that collaborative and productive relationships may be preserved.


  • Association for Conflict Resolution
  • New Mexico Cooperative Educational Services
  • New Mexico Mediation Association
  • Northern New Mexico Human Resource Association (Board)

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