Employee/Labor Relations

Labor-management relations is a specialized area of conflict prevention and resolution. INFINITE RESOLUTIONS professionals have the requisite in-depth knowledge and experience in negotiation/collective bargaining, the NM Public Employees Bargaining Act, PELRB rules and regulations, and labor-management dynamics to support a productive, collaborative, and healthy ongoing relationship between labor and management.

FACILITATION: Your Labor/Management Committee can be an effective tool to strengthen a productive ongoing relationship between negotiations : model problem-solving – develop common ground and collaboration capacity – thwart rumors – prevent gripes, grievances, prohibited practice complaints – achieve input and investment in tough decisions.

MEDIATION of Prohibited Practice Complaints/Unfair Labor Practices or issues between stewards/managers enables a mutually agreeable and sustainable settlement without a contentious hearing, and resolves issues often at the root of multiple PPCs.

COLLECTIVE BARGAINING TRAINING sets the tone for a productive bargaining experience and prepares teams to cope with inevitable tensions. Establish a sound foundation for the future through clarity in content and respectful relationships. A hybrid of interest-based techniques and traditional bargaining process to achieve a fair and efficient settlement, INFINITE RESOLUTIONS CB training is appropriate for management, union, or joint teams with new team members or mature bargaining relationships.

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